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The Helpline +30 210 6007686 of the Greek Safer Internet Centre operates on working days from 9:00 to17:00, providing its services to minors, as well as to parents, mental health professionals and educators with purpose to help minors internet users to surf safely into the magical world of the internet. The Helpline’s personnel is also available via email at the dedicated e-mail address info@help-line.gr. Chat counseling will soon be available as well.

The operation of the Helpline is part of the prevention centre of the Diagnostic Imaging and Prevention Centre (DIPU).  The Helpline’s personnel comprises doctors and psychologists with vast experience in the field of problematic online behaviors. Our vision is to help underage Internet users to surf with safety in the magic world of the Internet.

The helpline tries to contribute to the creation of a creative and useful online environment with respect to human rights.

The main issues the Helpline is dealing with are:[list type=”icon-circle”]

  • Grooming
  • Child pornography
  • Cyberbullying
  • Excessive use of the Internet (Internet addiction)
  • Internet and anorexia
  • Internet and suicide
  • Children’s exposure to harmful content (pornography, racism, hate, violence, etc.)
  • Problems with online social networks (such as fake profiles)


All issues are addressed with great sensitivity. More specifically, special cases of pedophilia, grooming and child pornography are treated with specific protocols and referral of adults in the judicial authorities and the police. Finally, in cases of suicide and anorexia our experts can provide useful advice and refer to the corresponding structures, whenever this is considered necessary.